The Global Bike Shortage

The Global Bike Shortage

Bikes And A Pandemic

As we’ve all had to social-distance, in response to COVID-19 protocols, there has been an increased demand for bikes around the world.  Not only are bikes a great safe option for commuters, but a great way to stay physically and mentally healthy while staying safe and distanced from others.

The Global Shortage

This increased demand and momentary shutdown of manufacturing caused a shortage of bikes under $1500, bike repair parts, and in some cases bike accessories. This means a delay in getting new bikes in our stores, and a delay in being able to repair the bikes you bring in for service.

The Danny’s Cycles Advantage

Danny’s Cycles is not immune to the shortage, and as you’ve probably noticed, we have limited availability for bikes under $1500 in all categories, but we also have the best relationships with the most brands and are working around the clock to get bikes into our stores and online.  We also are offering pre-orders on select models, this way you can reserve your bike now, and when it comes in, you can guarantee that you have one set aside for you, this is something you can’t do anywhere else. 

We have thousands of bikes on backorder, we have a warehouse and an assembly team that no other shop has. So, when bikes do become available, we will be getting more than anywhere else, and have them built and ready to ride sooner.

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